Opening at the Coal Loader Centre of Sustainability, Waverton North Sydney June 19th. Then every Saturday 9 – 12.



What is a Library of things?

A collection of extremely useful but only occasionally used items that can be loaned out to the community for a short period of time. We’re like a normal library but with things instead of books! Objects can include tools, gardening equipment, party gear, yard games, art, craft supplies, musical instruments, and recreational equipment. The first tool libraries began to appear in the USA during the second world war. One of the earliest being started by the Rotary Club of Gross Point Michigan in 1945, established with the hope that it would improve dexterity in the local youth and ease the scarcity of tools in wartime.

Why establish a Library of Things? Borrowing tools saves money, saves resources, saves space in our homes and saves waste. It helps build a resilient and sustainable community and strengthens community connections. Cooperatives cultivate sharing economies and add value to social cohesion and build social capital. Research shows that people who contribute and borrow from a tool library express a sense of belonging to their broader community. This helps create a desire to actively participate to and cultivate social cohesion.


North Sydney Council are gratefully acknowledged for the provision of space provided at The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability.