With the cost of living rising, maybe it is time to get back to basics and do some home cooking. At The Sydney Library of Things we have a variety of kitchen equipment you might like to try. Don’t be that person who buys the latest gadget only to find you use it once or twice!! Try making home made bread, your own ice cream or some succulent pasta. Look what we have in our library for you to borrow.

The Instant Pot – Pressure Cooker

The Duo™ Nova combines 7 appliances in 1: pressure cooker, sauté pan, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer and yogurt maker.

Why not experiment with a recipe like pressure cooker Mediterranean braised lamb shanks with parsnip mash and gremolata – recipe here

Electric Wok

Treat the kids to Chicken Fried Rice – Recipe here.


Bread Maker

Wake up to the smell of fresh baked bread.


Pasta Maker

Why not try making your own pasta?


Ice Cream Maker

This is a fun thing to do with the kids in school holidays – make up your own flavour!


Breville SousVide Cooker 

You would have seen a sousvide cooker on Masterchef or other fancy cooking shows and now you can try it out. Say goodbye to overcooking with a sous vide machine – It allows you to cook chicken breast, pork chop, or delicate fish at a constant low temperature to keep the meat moist and flavorful.


Popcorn Maker

Another appliance to borrow to use with the kids during school holidays. Why not have a movie night and borrow our projector and projector screen – popcorn and movies!


Rice Cooker

If you are having a large function, you might want to borrow our rice cooker.


If you are borrowing any of the above for a party, make sure you check out our entire library. We have numerous items that will help you from gazebos, bunting, trestle tables and more.

Anyone over 18 is welcome to join the Sydney Library of Things.

The Sydney Library of Things is membership based. We offer annual, 6 months and quarterly memberships, with the fees going to maintaining the library, tools, insurance and building the collection. You only pay for your membership, not for borrowing items! 

Annual | $85 ($60 Concession) 

Six monthly | $50 ($36 Concession)

Quarterly | $30  ($22 concession)


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