The Sydney Library of Things has over 200 items in the library.

The Most Popular Items Borrowed are

Now more than ever, we need a library of things. The cost of living is rising. How can you try new things or grab some much-needed equipment without spending much money? The answer is The Sydney Library of Things!!

The Sydney Library of Things has useful, fun and unique items. Why buy when you can borrow? How many times have you purchased an item, used it once or twice, and then it has sat in your Garage for years? That item will eventually end up in landfill.

The Sydney Library of Things also allows you to try before you buy.

You can join The Sydney Library of Things for as little as $30 (quarterly membership) and borrow up to five items per week without further fees!!

Summer is coming and here are some items you may want to borrow.

Foam Longboard

Wanderer Folding Beach Cart

Beach Chairs

UV Protector Tent – Shelta

Low Deck Chairs

Summer Also Means Camping

We have tents, camping chairs, enamel plates and mugs, and more for your camping needs.  Find out more here.

Shower Tent for Camping

Summer Also Means Parties

We have glasses, kid’s party kits, outdoor games, trestle tables, gazebos and more.  Find out about our party range here.

So Join Up Now and ease the cost of living by borrowing.

Contact Details

Address: The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability 2 Balls Head Dr, Waverton NSW 2060
Instagram: @thesydneylibraryofthings

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