Bridget Kennedy has been interested in the share economy for a while. She’s thought about starting a tool library for many years, the impetus being when she needed some power-operated gardening tools to do a bit of work in her new garden. She borrowed some tools from neighbours but realised that most people in the street had multiple versions of the same tools.  While borrowing tools was a great way to meet her new neighbours, it just didn’t seem to make sense on so many levels for most households in the area to have the same tools. In 2020, she decided to make her idea a reality. She visited Make-Do in Woollongong, and spoke to other tool libraries. She reached out to the local community to see if there was interest and put a proposal together to a supportive council….and here we are.

Our Team

bridget kennedy the sydney library of things

Bridget Kennedy

Instigator & Co-Founder

Bridget is the director of Bridget Kennedy Project Space, a founding member of Repair Cafe Sydney North and the instigator of the Sydney Edible Garden Trail, a community not-for-profit event run across 14 council areas. A committed and passionate advocate of permaculture for people and the environment, Bridget devotes her time to initiatives that foster community connection.

Carol The Library of Things

Carol Skyring


Carol has spent a lifetime as an educator – as a teacher, trainer and academic. Carol is an advocate of permaculture and from 2014 – 2020 lived as self-sufficiently and sustainably as possible in rural QLD. She’s continued her passion for sustainability with studies in a Diploma of Sustainable Living and by giving her time to projects such as her local community garden, the Sydney Edible Garden Trail and now The Sydney Library of Things.

Jacky Barker

Jacky Barker


Jacky is passionate about community. With a background in Law, she’s found her calling as the creator of the hyper-local media enterprise, In The Cove, the go to place for local Lane Cove News. She’s a naturally curious person, interested in others and determined to make the world a better place.

Our Front Desk Volunteers

These are the friendly faces you’ll see when you pick up or drop back your items.


Tim Brighton

Front Desk

Fay Knibbs

Front Desk

Suzanne Spencer

Front Desk

Lisa Tiernan

Front Desk

Our Organising Team

These are the volunteers who organise specific areas of TSLoT.


Jackie Brighton

Membership Co-ordinator

Tim Brighton

Repair & Maintenance

Andrew Davidson

Tag & Tester

Michaela Dolk

Social Media Co-ordinator

With a background in environmental science and natural catastrophe risk, Michaela is very aware of the need for a more environmentally sustainable future. She sees volunteering with The Sydney Library of Things as a great opportunity to help foster sustainability at a local scale, to develop community connections, and to support the further development of a local sharing economy.


Naomi Donohue

Volunteer Co-ordinator

A local to the area, with many years’ experience supporting community organisations, Naomi has joined TSLoT to help with the rostering of enthusiastic volunteers. Excited to be part of this new library, Naomi sees it is as the dream backshed – containing everything you never knew you needed but now can’t wait to get your hands on.


Adam Dowsett


Stu Knibbs

Fund Raising Co-ordinator

My wife and I have always been interested in sustainability and the environment so we volunteered for the Library of Things. I have some experience with raising funds so I’m delighted to help get this very worthwhile cause up to its full potential and do my bit to save the planet.


Sandra Kozleuchar

Graphic Designer

Sandra is a dedicated creative service provider with over 25 years experience in Australia and the US as graphic designer, visual specialist, and creative entrepreneur. Consider her ‘your visual think tankʼ


Anke Libeton

Catalogue/Website Maintenance

I am excited to be part of this. TSLoT is a great way to take local action for sustainability. I love to help.

Alice Martin_Photo

Alice Martin


Alice is a sustainable investment professional, with a strong interest in enabling a circular economy. Alice joined the library to help enable society to address the myriad of problems created by a linear economy or ‘take, make, dispose’ approach.


Emily Patterson

Newsletter Editor

Amelia Perrotet

Minutes Secretary
Special thanks for the support of the following volunteers who helped guide this project in it's early stages from an idea into reality.

Sandra Kozleuchar, Jordan Moy, Heather McCabe, Tali Posniak, Rebecca Chew and Anke Libeton.