Anyone over 18 is welcome to join the Sydney Library of Things.

The Sydney Library of Things is membership based. We offer ANNUAL, QUARTERLY and MONTHLY memberships, with the fees going to maintaining the library, tools, insurance and building the collection. You only pay for your membership, not for borrowing items! 

Annual | $115 ($85 Concession) 

Quarterly | $30  ($22 concession)

Monthly | $12 ($9 concession)  


How does it work?

You can browse the inventory online without creating an account. Once you have joined and paid your fees online, you will be able to easily reserve the items you wish to borrow and can then collect them between 9 am and 12 noon from our location at The Coal Loader. 

You can borrow up to 5 items each and every week with a standard loan length of 14 days for free. Extend for a second loan period if items are available. That’s 5 items each week if you’re keen. (Monthly memberships may only borrow one item at a time for a 7 day loan period).

How do I join and start borrowing?

  1. Choose your membership type
  2. Sign up online – it’s easy and secure
  3. Pay your annual or quarterly fee
  4. Agree to the borrowing terms and conditions (see below)
  5. Get ready to start borrowing

Return and Repeat

At the end of your loan period bring your borrowed items back in a clean and tidy condition to the library during opening hours. Returning on time for a better experience for all members, and you will avoid potential late fees. Simple as that and now you’re ready to borrow again.

Are you ready to join the Sydney Library of Things and start borrowing tools and gear? Yes? Great to hear and welcome to the sharing economy. JOIN NOW and we look forward to meeting you.

Members Borrowing Terms and Conditions

When joining as a borrowing member either online or in-person you will be asked to read, sign and adhere to the Library Membership and Borrowing Terms and Conditions of The Sydney Library of Things Inc. You can read the T&Cs here.

You are also required to read and sign the Liability Waiver document either digitally online, or in person before borrowing from the library.
You can read the Waiver here.